Power Rankings: No. 15 Houston Texans

A weekly examination of the Texans' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 7 | Last week: 13 | ESPN.com Power Rankings since 2002

Another loss dropped the Texans again, though not as far as last week. Houston fell two spots to No. 15 after its 23-20 overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks. While I thought last week's nine-point fall was an overreaction to Houston's loss to the Ravens, as I examine the list of teams now ahead of the Texans, it's hard to argue with most of the teams ahead of them.

Last week, the Texans fell below the Indianapolis Colts in the division. This week, both the Colts and Tennessee Titans are ahead of Houston. Though I'm not sure how impressive Tennessee's win against the New York Jets is, they have looked like a good team all year, even in their overtime loss in Houston. The Texans are one spot below the Ravens and one spot ahead of the Falcons. This week's opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, are ranked eighth.