Phillips: Bad penalty cost Texans the game

HOUSTON -- Just like head coach Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips didn't think the unnecessary roughness penalty called on cornerback Kareem Jackson in overtime was a good penalty.

"In my opinion, it cost us the game," Phillips said.

As Jackson tackled Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, he pushed him back several yards before finally taking him to the ground after he lifted off it. In Jackson's estimation, he was simply finishing the play. He figured, if he didn't keep going until Baldwin was on the ground, then the receiver could have gotten away from him.

In the official's estimation, Jackson unnecessarily picked up the receiver and slammed him to the ground after the play was dead.

Unnecessary roughness calls often result in fines for the player, but Jackson wasn't fined this week after being hit with a $42,000 fine two weeks ago. The NFL's fine schedule doesn't include a description of a fineable offense that matches what Jackson was called for.

Kubiak asked the league for clarification on the rule and why Jackson was penalized. He offered this interesting nugget yesterday about that process.

"As a coach nowadays, something they started new, we’ll get films like every Friday morning of big plays that happened in the NFL that were ruled one way or the other that are very controversial calls," Kubiak said. "The tape explains to us why they made this call or why they shouldn’t have made this call. Usually, there’s three or four that they say they don’t want this called and there’s three or four that say this is the way we’re going to call this play."