RTC: Schaub takes center stage

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans ...

The Texans quit on Sunday night, writes Randy Harvey of the Houston Chronicle.

Sports Illustrated's Austin Murphy questions the decision to give quarterback Matt Schaub the contract extension the Texans did before the 2012 season, as did a Texans fan in the stands as the game wound down.

SI's Chris Burke examines Schaub's record-setting pick-six.

A big supporter of Case Keenum in the preseason, Chris Baldwin of Houston's Culture Map says #freecasekeenum, the hashtag that trended in Houston Sunday night, makes sense. During the preseason, Baldwin said if Texans coach Gary Kubiak didn't make Keenum the backup, it would mean he was coaching scared.

Here's CSNHouston.com's Dave Zangaro's recap of the game, along with a video of some of Schaub's postgame interview.