Case Keenum trivia time

The members of the media were stumped by this one: Who was the last undrafted quarterback to start in the first NFL game for which he was active?

Case Keenum will do it this week for the Houston Texans in Kansas City. Before that, more than a decade will have passed since an undrafted quarterback started the first time he was active.

This person threw two touchdowns in a Saints win on Dec. 24, 1999. That performance didn't earn him a starting job in New Orelans, though he eventually found one in another city and played in a Super Bowl. He would finish his career with the Texans, and the last pass he ever threw as a pro was touchdown.

That's right, it's former Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Delhomme was the last undrafted quarterback to start the first time he was active in an NFL game.

I think if Keenum has Delhomme's career, he'd certainly take it.