Kubiak concerned about Martin's health

HOUSTON -- Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak doesn't think kick and punt returner Keshawn Martin has been himself lately.

"I’m a little concerned about him," Kubiak said. "He did not practice the last two weeks. He took a shot to play in the game, so he toughed it up for his football team. It’s been difficult. I don’t think he’s totally been himself.

"Some of the moves we may make here in the next couple of days could include us finding somebody who can return kicks too, but I think Keshawn will be better. He’s got two weeks now. He had a very beat up shoulder coming out of the game two weeks. I think he’s giving up for his team."

To that end, the Texans had at least one player in for a workout this week -- Mike Thomas, a former Jaguars receiver, who also returned punts. Thomas was with the Arizona Cardinals most recently.

Martin hasn't looked like himself lately. He averaged 4.6 yards per punt return heading into Kansas City, well below his 2012 average of 12.1 yards per punt return. His kickoff returns have netted more yards than last season, but it hasn't resulted in great field position for the Texans.

Interesting note, a couple weeks ago I asked Martin what he's told about taking the ball out of the end zone. Martin said he is told that if he catches the ball six yards deep in the end zone or fewer, he should bring it out. If he has to take a step back when he catches it in the end zone he should not bring it out, no matter what.