AFC South Q&A: Is the division any closer to stopping J.J. Watt?

Today's question: Is the rest of the division coming any closer to being able to figure out a viable plan to stop J.J. Watt?

Mike DiRocco, Jacksonville Jaguars reporter: Not unless the plan involves a way to keep him from getting to the stadium. Watt is the most dominant defensive player in the game and teams are not going to be able to completely keep him from impacting offenses unless they double-team him with linemen and have a back or tight end help, too. That way, Watt won't be able to do anything, but Whitney Mercilus, Jadeveon Clowney or Vince Wilfork certainly will. The best way to deal with Watt is to get the ball out quickly (like the New England Patriots do) or beat him up in the run game, which none of the teams in the division are equipped to do. Watt just turned 27 in March, so this is something the Titans, Colts and Jaguars are going to have to deal with for a while longer.

Paul Kuharsky, Tennessee Titans reporter: No. Throw numbers at him to try to slow him down. Get rid of the ball quickly, but make sure it's over his outstretched hands. And pray. The route to slowing Watt arrives only as Watt himself makes a contribution -- by slowing down or somehow playing less effectively. I don't think many blockers are going to be dictating things to him anytime soon and he's the most feared player in the division -- and maybe the league -- for the foreseeable future. When the Titans drafted guard Chance Warmack 10th overall in 2013, they thought he would be part of an answer to Watt. That hasn't panned out at all.

Mike Wells, Indianapolis Colts reporter: What are you talking about? The other teams in the division are already coming closer to slowing Watt down. He went from having 20.5 sacks in 2014 to having only 17.5 sacks last season. I'd say that's some progress. The real answer is no -- teams aren't getting any closer to turning Watt into an ordinary defensive player. We're talking about a player who has 69 sacks over the past four seasons. That's scary. But the really scary part is that Watt is only 27 and he'll only continue to get better. The same ways the other teams in the division try to have a defense to stop Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, the teams in the division are trying to improve their offensive lines to slow Watt. The reality is the best way to contain Watt is by using double and triple teams on him. And there's no guarantee that will work.