Texans WR Will Fuller has breakout game against Saints

HOUSTON -- Rookie receiver Will Fuller is no stranger to the end zone. In his last two seasons at Notre Dame, he caught 29 touchdowns.

Fuller's first time in the end zone with the Houston Texans was the lone touchdown in a 16-9 preseason victory over the New Orleans Saints.

The first-round pick said he "ran as fast possible" to get open, and credited quarterback Brock Osweiler for throwing the ball "right where it was supposed to be."

Osweiler gave Fuller and the offensive line credit for the play, saying, "I just had to put it out there. [Fuller] really made my job easy on that play."

Osweiler said he was not surprised by Fuller's game because he has seen the rookie put in the effort to get to this point.

"I'm very confident in Will and that's because the approach that Will brings every single day into this building," Osweiler said. "Will, he's one of the more quiet guys in the locker room, but the thing about Will is his work ethic is second to none. He comes in every day, he works extremely hard, he sits right over here, he takes a ton of notes, he's always studying his playbook.

"Whenever we get a break, a lot of guys go into the locker room and we're socializing or we go grab a coffee over here in the cafeteria, but Will's in his playbook. He's studying. He wants to be great and he's always, always striving to be great."

But despite the rookie's "coming-out game," as receiver DeAndre Hopkins described it, Fuller showed exactly the work ethic that Osweiler was referring to.

"That first one felt great," Fuller said. "Definitely a lot of areas I can get better. Just got to go back to work whenever we've got practice."

One area Fuller pointed out as needing improvement was Osweiler's interception in the second quarter when he was the intended target. The throw was in the same part of the end zone as the pass Fuller caught for a touchdown. This time, the rookie didn't come down with it.

"Got to get my head around quicker on that one," Fuller said. "Got to get back to work and next time I can get that one."

Head coach Bill O'Brien said he has been impressed with how quickly Fuller has learned the Texans' offensive scheme.

"He's a smart guy," O'Brien said. "He's definitely picked up the offense well. I'd say the same thing for Braxton [Miller]. It's not an easy offense to learn as a rookie receiver."

Fuller finished the game with four catches for 73 yards and a touchdown. He led Texans receivers in catches and targets (eight).

"He's fast, he's playing well," Texans inside linebacker Brian Cushing said. "He's making some plays. As a first-rounder, you need to come in and play right away and do a lot of good things. The team is expecting a lot out of him, let's see what he can do."