RTC: DeVier Posey gets hit, gets ready

Reading the coverage of the Texans ...

My favorite line from this story called the starters "affluent cheerleaders." John McClain of the Houston Chronicle details the night of the backup quarterbacks.

Cierre Wood called his celebration the "South Dallas Swag," writes the Chronicle's Brian Smith. I say if the Texans decided before this game that Deji Karim was their third-stringer then Wood's performance Thursday night will make it difficult to keep him on the practice squad. Smith also offered this opus on DeVier Posey's return and the overall receiving corps.

One more from the Chronicle. David Barron offers perspective on the NFL's concussion lawsuit settlement.

A look at Wade Phillips' history with Dallas centered around a tweet he sent about "AT$T stadium." I saw Cowboys owner Jerry Jones leaving the Texans locker room as media entered. I heard later he went in to say hello to Phillips.