Andre Johnson: Dez Bryant has matured

HOUSTON -- Andre Johnson isn't a guy who shows his emotions easily.

But he thinks Dez Bryant is getting a bit of a raw deal when it comes to the public perception of the Dallas Cowboys receiver's sideline rant Sunday during a loss at Detroit.

"I had a chance to personally meet Dez and stuff this past offseason, hang out with him a little bit," Johnson told me. "From what I've heard in the past to now, you can tell the kid has grown up a lot. I think he just wants to win."

NFL Films released audio of part of Bryant's rant and you can hear Bryant saying, among other things, "We the best in the NFL on that," before engaging in what appears to be a spirited but reasonable discussion with Romo and a coach about the play in question.

Even without hearing the audio, Johnson didn't think Bryant had said anything worthy of the criticism he received.

"You can kind of read his lips, some of the things he was saying," Johnson said. "I don't think it was anything real harsh. I think he was just telling Romo, we're a No. 1 tandem. That's just letting you know how he feels, his passion for the game.

"It probably could have had something to do with Calvin Johnson having 300-some yards. You're a competitor. You want to compete. I just think they've been kind of killing him for no reason with all this stuff, everybody saying he shouldn't do this, or he's that. It's just part of the game. It's just part of it."