Shane Lechler is, finally, Punter of the Week

HOUSTON -- When Texans punter Shane Lechler was asked to give the name of the best punter in Raiders history, he turned bright red and started laughing.

"Out of respect I'll say Ray Guy," he said.

You could make an argument for Lechler, who spent 13 years with the Raiders and became the highest paid punter back in 2009 with a four-year deal worth $16 million. Lechler spoke to his old kicker shortly before addressing the media on Monday. They agreed to say hello pregame and otherwise treat it like a normal game.

They'll face each other after the second-best game of Lechler's career, when he reached a round-number milestone of 50,000 career yards.

"I don't know if that means a good career, or a lot of opportunities," Lechler said.

For his performance against the Arizona Cardinals, this week Lechler is ESPN Stats and Info's Mark Simon's Punter of the Week.

Here's what Simon said about Lechler:

"Lechler surpassed 50,000 career punting yards in a big way in a seven-punt day in a loss to the Cardinals.

"Lechler averaged 58.9 gross yards and 48.3 net yards per punt, with kicks ranging from 53 to 65 yards.

"It was the second-best day of Lechler’s career in terms of gross average (minimum three punts in a game). He averaged 59 yards on five punts on the road against the Broncos on Christmas Eve, 2005.

"The NFL record for highest single-game punting average (minimum four punts) is 61.8 yards by Bob Cifers of the 1946 Lions against the Bears (he was also a noted running back of that era). Roy McKay of the 1945 Packers ranks second (61.6 yards). For a more modern target- Darren Bennett of the Chargers ranks third (59.5 for the Chargers against the Steelers in 1995).

"This seems like a good time to offer a reminder that Lechler is the all-time leader in punting average at 47.6 yards per kick and is still going strong. He’s now averaging 48.7 so far in 2013."

Sunday's game must have been a punters paradise as Cardinals punter Dave Zastudil was the co-winner for this award, pinning the Texans at their own 1-yard line twice.