Kubiak: Reed given a chance elsewhere

HOUSTON --Ed Reed hit the waiver wire after the Texans released him yesterday and we'll know if someone claimed him in a few hours.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak says that opportunity is why the Texans released Reed.

"It all gets back to football," Kubiak said, working to dispel the notion that Reed was cut because he criticized the Texans' coaching. "Obviously there's a lot said and this and that. I talk to him yesterday. We're playing young guys, really like the way D.J.'s playing and Shiloh's playing his role.

"In respect to his career and what he's done, and for us to be in the situation we're playing him eight to 10 plays, that was going to continue with the way we're doing it right now, I thought it was fair to him to give him an opportunity to play somewhere else and do whatever he wanted. That's how we came to the conclusion."

A few teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, have indicated they won't sign Reed. All it takes is one.