J.J. Watt announces how $37M will help Hurricane Harvey victims

HOUSTON -- Nearly two months after Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt announced how he will spend the $37 million he raised for flood relief.

In a news release, Watt announced that $30.15 million of the funds will be distributed among four nonprofit organizations to help rebuild homes, restore child-care centers and provide food and medical care for those affected most by Hurricane Harvey. That money will be spent in the next 18-24 months.

The other $7 million will be set aside to be used in 2018 “as we continue to assess and analyze the evolving relief efforts.”

“I have said it many times over the course of the past few months, but it bears repeating again: The most difficult times seem to bring out the best in humanity,” Watt said. “I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and donations from across the country and around the world. You have truly shown what is possible when everyone bands together for one common cause.

“Houston will bounce back from this and we will rise up stronger than ever.”

Watt also posted a video on Twitter to provide fans with an update.

“I’m very, very excited to share with you the plan, very excited to show what we’ve been working on,” Watt said. "[I] just want to say thank you, guys. Thank you so much for your support. I’m going to keep you updated with photos and videos through the course of the next 18-24 months to let you know what you’re working on, so you can see the projects.”