Cierre Wood on Te'o 'girlfriend': OK, so what?

Everyone asks Cierre Wood about his college roommate, Manti Te'o.

Teammates, random people on the street, you name it.

They don't want to know about Te'o's athletic ability, even though the Texans will face the Chargers on Monday, the team that drafted Te'o in the second round.

No, the questions are mostly about that bizarre girlfriend situation. What began as a hoax on Te'o, ballooned as his football profile rose. For a while, though, he had conversations with a person who he thought was a young woman named Lennay Kekua.

"It was along the lines of if I came in here with a goldfish and said this is my goldfish, Larry," Wood said. "You guys are going to go, 'Ok so what?' Along the lines of that."

(Still with us?)

"I would come over to ask for the controller and he'd be like I'm talking to my girl," Wood said. "... I heard somebody talking to me. I introduced myself, 'Hi, i'm Cierre, how you doing? Nice to meet you.' And I just went on about my business."