Things Ed Reed said about Texans

The last time Ed Reed held a conference call with Baltimore media, he predicted the Texans would go to the Super Bowl.

Well, he got another shot Wednesday and his feelings about the Texans were a little bit different. We got snippets of Reed's conference call with Baltimore media via Twitter, but ESPN.com Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley passed along the transcript. Here's a little more of what Reed, now with the Jets, said:

  • "I don't even know how to describe it, man. There is some interesting stuff I experienced with some people in a different organization. It wasn't the whole organization. The organization really was good, dealing with Houston. The players were good, and most of the coaches. But it's been interesting."

  • One benefit of reuniting with Rex Ryan in New York: "Very comfortable. That was part of my decision of signing here -- knowing that I could come in, know the defense, be effective and not worry about all of the B.S. that goes along with the business side of things."

  • He was asked if Houston's defense wasn't a good fit for him: "That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people who are still down there. It wasn't just about me, and that's what my comments were. My comments were not just about me, and obviously, that's why I'm not there anymore -- because some people felt some type of way about what I said. The truth is the truth, and that's the reason why what happened last week happened, and they know I know. People might feel a certain way, like Ed did this, and Ed didn't do things on the football field, but you've got to look at the play-calling. People don't know how the schematic part of it goes. You've got to put your players in a position to make plays as well from a coach's perspective."

  • Reed brought up a specific play that he knows he's been criticized about: "The ball wasn't really coming my way. People try to point out a play against San Francisco when Vernon Davis scored, but the guy wasn't even my guy. He wasn't even my man. Granted, I didn't catch him -- bad angle -- but they're looking for every reason to put everything on Ed Reed. That's funny. That's funny to me."

  • Reed didn't seem pleased with Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips: "Yeah, Wade said something to me. He came and basically just made sure I was leaving, and honestly, of all people, he's probably the guy, the reason that I'm not there. It's all good, man. I'm not worried about it. If you all want to do a sit-down at some point, we can do a sit-down."

  • "I'm grateful to be where I'm at right now, where people appreciate you for what you've done, what you did over your career, what you can do and what you still do on the football field."

  • Reed wears No. 22 now. "People are used to seeing me in [No.] 20. [No.] 22 feels good to me, honestly. It feels right. I probably should have switched it when I left Baltimore. I should have never [taken] it out of there, but it is what it is. It's just a jersey; it's just a number."