Case Keenum working on trust

HOUSTON -- The word he used after struggling against the Jacksonville Jaguars was "hesitant."

The word Case Keenum is working to follow this week is "trust."

He's emphasizing trusting his reads and progressions, something that's been an issue for Keenum. Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison said there were times on Sunday when Keenum didn't pull the trigger when he should have.

Keenum talked Wednesday about not letting mistakes stay with him.

The interesting thing about this is that when Keenum first became the Texans' starter, his teammates lauded his ability to forget about mistakes and move on to the next play. As he's played more, he's apparently lost that a little bit. This Sunday will be his sixth NFL start.

I asked Keenum why.

"There’s probably a lot of things," he said. "Making sure I focus on my fundamentals and focus on the process, that’s something I have to do consistently. The little bit of a misstep, an inch here, an inch there, the split second a ball’s late in this league is a huge difference. Focusing on my fundamentals, focusing on my process, focusing on things I’ve always done well. I have to continue to do that; I can’t just take that stuff for granted."