RTC: Keenum's inefficiency hurting Texans

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Case Keenum is inefficient, writes Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. He says Keenum's low completion percentage is hurting the Texans late in games.

Jaguars players bristle at the way opponents, including the Texans, talk about them after losing to the Jaguars, writes our Mike DiRocco. Mark Long of The Associated Press also wrote a similar story yesterday. Both use this quote from Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri: "It’s not annoying. It’s ridiculous. Really? Are we a high school team playing y'all? You have to apologize to your city because you lost to us? It’s the NFL. Every win is a hard-earned win. There’s rarely just easy sailing for any team throughout the course of the season so when you’re able to pull out a win you celebrate it. When you lose you try to be as gracious as you can in defeat but don’t trivialize our win because we came in here with a record that wasn’t as good as yours."

Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press puts the Texans on the clock for the draft. He includes this colorful paragraph about the Patriots game in his column: "In what was originally circled before the season as a revenge game, in what was supposed to be a barometer for just how battle tested the scars and lumps from last season's beatings at the hands of the Patriots had made them, the Texans instead endured their tenth straight loss, 34-31 at the hands of Darth Brady, Darth Gronk, and Emperor Belichick."

Oh, and, can't forget the various takes from writers who cover this team on Antonio Smith's comments on Monday about his comments Sunday:

From Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com.

From Kristie Rieken of The Associated Press.

And from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.