Injury-riddled draft class takes another hit

HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans already placed three draft picks on injured reserve this year and now a fourth has suffered a significant injury.

Rookie offensive lineman David Quessenberry suffered a broken foot in practice, a source confirmed. The Texans will not put Quessenberry on injured reserve today, I'm told. Had they done it yesterday, he would not have gotten his full salary for this week. But since he is on the active roster now, he gets his salary for the week regardless. Quessenberry could be a candidate for the injured reserve designation to return as this type of injury typically takes two or three months of recovery

It's a shame for Quessenberry, who was the most promising draft pick the Texans had after DeAndre Hopkins and D.J. Swearinger. If the Texans place Quessenberry on IR, he would follow Trevardo Williams, Brennan Williams and Alan Bonner to the reserve list.

Trevardo Williams' IR designation might have something to do with wanting him to develop a little more. Brennan Williams had an injury history, he had a season-ending injury last October when he tore his labrum in his left shoulder. Right now it's Brennan Williams' knee that has swollen on him each time the Texans have tried to test it. And Alan Bonner never really got going, working through a hamstring injury for most of the summer.

While the best two have remained relatively healthy (Hopkins is recovered from his concussion), that's not where you want most of your draft class.