Kubiak thanks Houston in newspaper ad

Former Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak bought a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle to thank the city for the nearly eight full years he spent with the Houston Texans:

Thank you, Houston. I want to thank the players, the coaches, and staff for their tireless work and commitment.

And especially to the fans, you are the best in the NFL.

It was an honor to return to my hometown to work my dream job. My family and I thank you for eight great years.”

- Gary and Rhonda Kubiak

It's not a surprising move for a man who maintained class and poise, even when things got difficult for him. And they got very difficult during an 11-game losing streak, the longest in franchise history.

With their jobs on the line, some coaches start throwing darts at others, trying to spread the blame. To his credit, Kubiak maintained the same refrain: "It's on me."

It's why so many of his former players and even a former team employee took to social media to praise his character and thank him for the opportunities he offered and the way he treated people.