On the Texans building through the draft

When the Texans extended the contract of inside linebacker Brian Cushing, it was in keeping with their philosophy on the proper way to build a roster: draft well, develop those players and keep them in the fold.

“I just think it’s important, philosophically, that’s the idea that we think gives us the best chance to win and to remain competitive year in and year out," general manager Rick Smith said. "That’s something that seems to be working for us. We will continue to do that and obviously Brian is one of those guys that very early on you knew, right away, that this guy was a special player."

The Texans don't just say it's important. Numbers show they practice that theory.

Our Kevin Seifert took a look at the phenomenon today. Forty players on the Texans' roster have never played a regular-season game for another team, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. That's tied with the Rams, Cowboys, Browns and Patriots. Only two teams have more -- the Packers (50) and the Falcons (45). The league average is 35.875.