RTC: Coaching duties change, results don't

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Although the Texans did plenty of shuffling on their coaching staff since their previous game, Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts yielded the same results, writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. He notes the Texans are on pace to become the first team to start the season 2-0 and finish it 2-14.

In keeping with the theme, Mike Marot of the Associated Press writes about how little changed for the Texans on Sunday. He adds the perspective of the Colts, who were previously on a six-game slump.

Brian Smith of the Chronicle takes a look at Texans quarterback Case Keenum's fairy tale gone bad. I will recommend this story despite my initial groan at the headline (which of course Smith didn't write) "At 0-8, QB is not peachy Keenum." This season has led to a lot of punny phrases and subsequent apologies for said punny phrases. Like yesterday, when approximately 15 people made oh so clever puns with fullback Brad Smelley's last name.

After Keenum's worst day as a pro, Chris Baldwin of Houston Culture Map scoffs at the idea it was Keenum's fault. He says the Texans should forget about using their first pick on a quarterback and instead focus on South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney. He goes so far as to say that last night's game showed the Texans are desperate for Clowney and if the Texans really feel a quarterback is necessary, they can get a serviceable one in the second round.