Texans Mailbag: On coaches, QBs and food

On Sunday afternoon, the Texans will face the toughest offense on their schedule (really, on anyone's schedule).

It could mark the second week in a row a player notches a record against the Texans. Last weekend outside linebacker Robert Mathis became the Colts' all-time sack leader and set the team's single-season record. He has 16.5 this season and 108 in his career.

This weekend, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning could break Tom Brady's single-season touchdown record. Manning has 47 and Brady's record is 50.

Shockingly (not really) Texans fans aren't so curious about Sunday's game, except in snarky ways. Instead, as has become our weekly tradition, your questions were mostly about the coaching search and the future of this roster.

So let's get to it.