Why Bob McNair believes in Rick Smith

Sometimes a regime change means a total house cleaning. The last time the Houston Texans hired a new head coach, a new general manager, Rick Smith, followed shortly thereafter.

That's not the path the Texans are taking this time. On Friday, owner Bob McNair was asked for his reasoning behind retaining Smith.

"Because we think he's done a good job," McNair said, quickly, of Smith. "We evaluate everybody. That was not a partnership between Rick and Gary, they were each one doing their job and working hard at it. We thought from a personnel standpoint, looking at what other clubs have done and what have you, we think Rick's done a fine job."

That's not to say the head coach and general manager didn't work together on personnel matters.

"He has the final say just as coach has the final say on the roster, but it's in collaboration with the other," McNair said. "So they have to work with each other. If there's a dispute, they come to me. They'll work together, that won't be an issue. The person selecting the personnel has to know what the coach wants. ...If you give him something he doesn't want, he's not going to play him. He'll sit on the bench. We don't have a winning organization doing that. So they have to work together and vice versa. Once a GM has got the personnel there and gives them to the coach, coach has gotta play them."