Thoughts from a QB Bill O'Brien coached

We've been told a lot that Texans coach Bill O'Brien is great with quarterbacks, but last week I sought a first-hand account of how he teaches that position.

I called Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin, who played for O'Brien at Penn State. He declined to discuss O'Brien's impact on his development.

"It's not my place," he said.

So I called Tyler Ferguson, a backup at Penn State who transferred in December for a shot to start elsewhere.

"The offense that he teaches is complex," Ferguson said. "He doesn’t overwhelm you with it. He does a great job of going step by step but also keeping up a good pace. ... He understood everything that we went through. He tried to coach us as if he would be the one playing out there. He would try to put himself in our shoes and try to make it easy for us."

It's interesting that Ferguson felt that way given that O'Brien never played the position, or any offensive position. He spent a lot of one-on-one time with the quarterbacks.

So what did he do when they messed up?

"It’s one of those things, if it’s your first time making a mistake, he teaches you what to do better, how to do better," Ferguson said. "But if it’s the fourth, fifth time making a mistake, he’s going to be angry. ... Like any coach. Just letting you have it for a quick second then move on. He doesn’t dwell on things. He’s a good guy to be around."