Kubiak, Dennison continue together

It was a moment in the news conference that made me look up and wonder what just happened.

Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison was asked how tough it was to see Gary Kubiak fired.

"The Colts are a great defense," he replied, unresponsively. "(Robert) Mathis is a very good pass rusher. They play good defense. They’ve played some good teams. We’ll say it that way."

A few minutes later, another reporter asked how his job changed without Kubiak, a perfectly reasonable query given that Kubiak used to call plays and his firing meant Dennison would.

"Like I said the Colts are a really good defense," he said stubbornly. "They’ve beaten some very good teams. Denver particularly there, they’ve played very well there.”

After his close friend was fired, Dennison wanted nothing to do with talking about him. The two have a history that goes back to when they were Broncos players together from 1983 (when Kubiak was drafted) to 1990 (when Dennison's playing career ended). They coached together with the Broncos, and Kubiak brought Dennison to Houston in 2010.

It's no shock, then, that Kubiak and Dennison are once again a packaged deal. Our Adam Schefter reports the Ravens are hiring Kubiak as their offensive coordinator and Dennison as their quarterbacks coach. It's a title Dennison hasn't had before and an opportunity that likely had a lot to do with Kubiak's influence.