Jake Matthews high on Manziel's work ethic

INDIANAPOLIS -- Texas A&M is quickly turning into O-Lineman U (or some other more clever version of that) with its latest offering: left tackle Jake Matthews.

But Matthews' media session today quickly turned to talking about his lightning-rod teammate: quarterback Johnny Manziel.

"I don't consider him a me-first guy at all," Matthews said, after being asked about Manziel's reputation as such. "My whole experience with him and having him as a quarterback was nothing but good things. When he was on the field he was just a tremendous competitor, great leader and someone that I loved playing for. I was glad to have him as a quarterback."

Manziel is a bit of a polarizing player. He was combustible in college on and off the field and some of those off-the-field antics are raising eyebrows in the pre-draft process. The Texans, who own the draft's No. 1 pick, have always talked about wanting guys who work hard and love football, and that won't change under the new regime. In Matthews' opinion, Manziel is that.

"Everything I've ever seen him do is all out," Matthews said. "He worked hard at everything he did. When it was time to practice, he would be out there competing just as hard as he would in a game. that's all I ever saw from him, nothing but good things."