Money isn't everything to Garrett Graham

Approaching what could be his first stint as an unrestricted free agent, Houston Texans tight end Garrett Graham didn't want to reveal too much.

"I know there's several teams who inquired about it and asked about it but nothing set up yet," Graham said when asked if he had visits planned. He opted not to reveal the identities of those several teams.

"[They've said] they want me to stay here, but we'll see how that all plays out in the next couple days," he said of the Texans.

By tomorrow we should have a better idea of Graham's market. Teams hoping to add a tight end in free agency don't have a ton of options. Graham is one of the top tight ends on the market, which means it's entirely possible he prices himself out of what the Texans can afford. ("They can't afford him" is a common refrain as I've poked around about various players and potential Texans interest this offseason.)

Graham's tone when talking about this today was one of acceptance. He seemed OK with whatever outcome followed.

"It would be nice to ]return to Houston]," he said. "Love the guys that I played with. Love the fans here. We've grown to like the city very much. It'd be nice to stay in Houston but then again it's a business and we'll see. "

He stopped short of saying he'd give the Texans a hometown discount. But he did say money wasn't all that mattered.

"I think you gotta weigh all your options," Graham said. "Depends on what team you're on and what scheme. There's a lot more things to look at than just money."

The scheme here in Houston would likely benefit Graham, but my sense is that would only break a tie, or matter if things were close. The Texans don't have much money to spend and will likely hang back and let the market settle before making more financial commitments.