More on Bridgewater's weight

Twenty-nine teams have gathered at the University of Louisville's pro day, according to the university's official Twitter account, and they'll get a chance to see quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who didn't run or throw at the NFL combine last month.

His accuracy and football acumen aren't in question nearly as much as one of Bridgwater's measurables: his weight. Louisville announced today that Bridgewater weighed in at 208 pounds, down six from the 214 he weighed in at the combine in February.

This from a piece in SI.com by Doug Farrar last month:

Another AFC exec was a bit more reasoned in his analysis. “The body type is the concern. You’re gonna have to see him at the combine. He looks small and skinny to me. But he gets rid of the ball so quick and makes such good decisions, maybe you can live with that. If I had the first pick, I don’t know that I’d see it, but if you’re comfortable with his body, I can see where you would do it.”

At the combine, he was asked if he has trouble putting on weight. He answered simply, no.

"I just have to get back adjusted to eating the right foods and everything and controlling my eating habits," Bridgewater said.

During his sophomore year, Bridgewater had an oral procedure to fix an overbite. The dentist had to break his jaw and Bridgewater recalls not being able to eat solid food for two months afterward. He lost 20 pounds during that time and the recovery for his frame wasn't easy. In fact, it sounded like he works on it still.

He said was up to about 222 pounds before the procedure and wants to get back up into that range. Given today's weigh-in, he's got quite a way to go.