RTC: Manziel, Foster take in Rockets game

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Johnny Manziel and Arian Foster caused quite the stir during Thursday night's Houston Rockets game by sitting next to each other courtside. I wouldn't exactly call this coverage to read, but here's Rockets center Dwight Howard's post-game Instagram with the two football stars. Foster with his characteristic sullen face and Manziel with a grin.

Speaking of Foster, he is not a fan of the NCAA tournament, the Texans running back made clear on Twitter, writes James Palmer of CSN Houston. It's not a surprise, considering many of his prior anti-NCAA statements.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle says that while there are no indications the Texans are close to trading Matt Schaub, the signing of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick fueled that speculation last night. McClain figures Fitzpatrick's $7.5 million contract will provide a cap hit of $3.37 million this year, leaving the Texans with $6.3 million in cap space.

He might not be one of the three most talked-about quarterbacks, but Fresno State's Derek Carr has a Houston connection just by his last name. He woke up with a bug on Thursday, writes Marek Warszawski of the Fresno Bee. And he performed well during his pro day anyway.