RTC: On the first pick and Manziel

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

We took a small break from the reading the coverages early this week, but yesterday's events led to several interesting pieces from both local and national media with both the AFC coaches' breakfast taking place that day and the Texans offering additional availability to both coach Bill O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith.

Let's begin with a piece from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, who notes that O'Brien is excited to see former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel in person. "To me, it's really two things," (O'Brien) said. "The guy has to be able to throw the ball accurately, and (he) has to have intelligence. When I say that, he has to have a quick mind, a good brain. He's got to be able to process things in two or three seconds because it happens so fast. The defenses are so multiple that a lot of times you've got to change the play." That's a freedom former Texans quarterback Matt Schaub didn't always have.

Don Banks of SI.com sets the scene of the breakfast we all attended and gleans that O'Brien doesn't see a can't-miss quarterback in this draft. He writes: "If it works out, the Texans should have both their quarterback of the future (taken somewhere in the opening three rounds presumably), and a sizable jump on the task of returning to playoff contention after last year's stunning 2-14 unraveling in Houston. That's the plan anyway. Now it's up to O'Brien and incumbent Texans general manager Rick Smith to execute it."

Meanwhile, Jim Corbett of USA Today spoke with Smith about the quarterbacks in the draft and writes that Smith said a franchise quarterback is there. He writes:

"Bill O'Brien is a creative coach. He's an innovative coach. And if he had a guy like Johnny Manziel, he'd figure out a way to utilize his skills.''

Smith paused, then, chuckled.

"Now when you write that everybody is going to say, 'We're taking him,''' he said. "Which I love.''