A look at the Texans' $13.7 million in cap space

After the safety maneuvering over the past seven days, the Texans' steadily increasing cap space is up to $13,696,877.

Houston has $101,367,512 committed to salaries and $17,898,841 in dead money. (The Texans' adjusted cap figure accounts for an amount they borrowed from a future cap a few years ago.)

That puts the Texans into the top third in this category, 22 teams have less cap space than Houston does. We've talked a lot about the Texans' fiscal responsibility this offseason, so I won't give my lectures again except to say in order to take advantage of opportunities that come up, it's usually a great idea to keep yourself out of cap trouble. This also indicates the Texans aren't operating under the idea that they're one or two players away (their free agent behavior has also indicated that), which is always dangerous for teams that do.

The Seahawks, Eagles, Jets, Dolphins, Jaguars, Packers, Browns, Bengals and Bills have more cap space than the Texans.