How Texans fare in Google search rankings

Over the past couple of days, FiveThirtyEight.com has examined team popularity based on the number of Google searches done for professional sports teams since 2004.

First, Nate Silver and Ritchie King looked at each league on its own, finding in the NFL that the Cowboys are the most popular team, followed by the Packers, Eagles, Patriots and Bears. The Colts rank 17th in Google searches, the Texans rank 28th in Google searches, the Titans rank 31st and the Jaguars rank 32nd. The Buccaneers and Cardinals filled the gap between the Texans and the Titans.

It gives you a view on the national or world-wide interest in each franchise. I'd bet if you looked at a more recent sample, say during the past three years, the Texans' relative frequency of Google searching would be much higher given how new the franchise is.

Silver then compiled a chart of Google search frequency that mashed together what Silver refers to as the big five of North American sports. He includes MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and Liga MX, because its global popularity is on pace with the NHL. Here, the Texans are more middle of the pack, though the Yankees and Red Sox dwarf all other North American teams.