Greg Cosell's concerns about Manziel

How Johnny Manziel's electrifying style throughout his college football career will translate to the NFL is an evaluation crucial to teams considering drafting the former Texas A&M quarterback.

In a piece on Yahoo.com, NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell discussed some of his questions about Manziel's skill set, taking us through what internal conversations teams should be having as they evaluate him.

Among his discussion, this:

He does not have a refined sense of anticipation, and that's a concern considering the speed and reaction time of NFL defenses, but there were many throws in which he looked like a comfortable pocket quarterback.

And this:

You see a quarterback who creates his own problems with what appears to be a lack of understanding and discipline, and then once in a while he makes an unbelievable unstructured play. There's a sense that he makes it up as he goes, a shoot from the hip element that is so much fun and entertaining to watch. But you're not sure that will work in the NFL. Entertaining is great for fans and highlight shows, but it's not a quarterback attribute. A QB cannot live on the edge, play randomly and be consistently successful against NFL defenses.

Reining in the "shoot-from-the-hip" element can be very difficult for a young quarterback, but those who figure out how to do it become the most successful players. Cosell noted several positives in Manziel's game, including the fact that when he did remain in the pocket, he made some NFL throws. The problem was in the frequency of those situations.