RTC: Blake Bortles is excited about his visit

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles arrived in Houston last night and James Palmer of CSN Houston caught up with him. If you, like me, don't get that channel, you can watch Palmer walk and talk with Bortles through Hobby Airport and read Bortles' quotes here. Bortles was flying in from Oakland, where he met with the Raiders on Tuesday. As you might imagine, he is excited.

Agent Leigh Steinberg, who contributes to Forbes, checked in with his opinion that the Texans should draft Johnny Manziel first overall. He writes: "Houston has to believe they will never be this high up in draft order again. Jadeveon Clowney may be a great player, but Houston has already taken the Mario Williams route. They need a quarterback. 100 miles up the road at Texas A&M is where to find the solution. Johnny Manziel is a freakishly gifted savant at the QB position – bright, good arm strength, a fiery leader, and the most amazing ability to sustain plays of any QB in modern history. With him at the helm, every game is winnable. I don’t represent Johnny, but if I owned or managed a team, I would start with him on May 8th."

The Texans signed their sixth unrestricted free agent of this offseason, writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. Ricardo Mathews, 26, becomes the second nose tackle to join the team in the past month.