RTC: Antonio Smith is delighted to be back

Reading the coverage of the Texans ...

Antonio Smith has been all smiles this week, writes Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle. Smith arrived at Reliant Stadium shortly after the Texans did, back from San Diego. He said it was a weird feeling to watch Monday game rather than play in it. He felt like a coach at times. Back from a suspension that included one regular-season game and two preseason games, Smith says he won't change how he plays football, but he will change how he reacts to being goaded.

More on Smith's return from Kristie Rieken of the Associated Press. She goes through Smith's plan Tuesday morning in which he wanted to meet his teammates as they returned to Reliant Stadium.

Arian Foster accepts that he can't control his playing time, writes the Chronicle's Brian Smith. He also writes that Foster said he feels like he's earned the right to be out there. Relatedly, Ben Tate took to Twitter yesterday evening to say he never waved off Foster from the field, as had been reported previously. As I wrote yesterday, video only showed Tate starting to come off the field, then turning around and staying in while Foster looked upset. I'm not sure it's a bad thing that Foster wants playing time. Tate wants playing time, too. This isn't in Smith's story, but yesterday Tate said he thinks he's better at hiding his frustration at not playing much because he's had much more experience dealing with it.

Speaking of Foster, he wrote a column for Yahoo! Shine about the six things he'll teach his daughter. Foster went with happiness, the value of a dollar, know your why, kindness, men and her worth, and the flying spaghetti monster. He also talked about his emotions when his wife -- who was his girlfriend at the time -- told him she was pregnant.

I've saved the best for last. Some of you know about this amazing news already, and the rest of you should brace yourselves. ... Vanilla Ice will perform at halftime of the Texans' home opener, writes Nick Mathews of the Chronicle. Please send condolences to the rest of the people covering this team and the Texans' public-relations staff, who will have to listen to me talk incessantly about this for the rest of the week. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know. (Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" was something of an anthem for the Arcadia High School girls water polo team, circa 2001. That and "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. I don't know. We were weird.)

Word to your mother.