Bun B on potential Manziel backlash

Houston rapper Bun B checked in with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith on a "First Take" podcast Tuesday, and gave his perspective on all things Houston. He thinks the city is split between wanting Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney with that first pick. He guesses Khalil Mack will wind up being the first pick. And if he were the GM, he'd want to bring Manziel to Houston.

It was all pretty interesting; you can listen here. Bun B joins them at about the 45-minute mark and talks Rockets and Dwight Howard before talking Texans. What I found especially interesting was the discussion of ticket sales as it relates to that top pick and his perspective on the potential backlash if Manziel goes somewhere else.

"Well, box office wise, the Texans have no problem selling tickets," he said. "Our football fanbase here is very strong, they're very loyal, which I think is a blessing and a curse because generally organizations don't make changes until the fans stop coming to the games, but we won't stop coming to the games so the Texans organization gets to do pretty much what they want to do. I think fans want a player that's going to perform. ... My only issue would be if a person like Clowney does have performance issues, that's not going to mesh well with J.J. Watt anyway because that kid is 101 percent committed to getting the job done. So if you're going to put him next to Watt and he's not as committed as Watt, you defeat the purpose of drafting him anyway."

And on the backlash if Manziel went to the Browns, like Mel Kiper Jr. mocked him.

"I think it'd be a lot worse if he went to Jacksonville maybe than Cleveland," Bun B said. "If he goes to Jacksonville, we've got to see that guy twice a year and then he's coming here playing us at home with a chip on his shoulder for us not drafting him. I don't want to see that at all. I think there will be a fair amount of people in Houston that will be upset with it, but if the player we draft at No. 1 comes in and does what we draft him to do, we'll all be changing our opinions. If Clowney or Mack comes in and can get to ... Andrew Luck, then we'll be OK.

"Regardless of who we draft, if they don't bring it to the table, the city's going to go ... haywire on them anyway."

They asked him how many wins he'd give the Texans if they drafted Manziel. He said eight to 10, then after some good-natured badgering went with "at least" eight to 10 wins.