Countdown to the draft: 15 days

There must be some less painful way to atone for whatever we all did to deserve these extra weeks of draft lead-up time.

Instead of today being the eve of the draft, we are still 15 days away. Fifteen more days of dissecting each prospect until we get to the point where, if you cobbled together opinions from various experts, you could convince yourself that none of these players are any good and everybody is doomed.

That, of course, is not true. But the lead-up to the draft can make your head spin.

Join me in a countdown until it's over.

For each of the next 15 days, I'll pair the number of days until the draft with some way that number is significant to the Houston Texans. Some of it will be historical, some of it will have to do with last season and some of it will have to do with the draft, though I'll stay away from topics with which you have been thus far beat over the head.

No. 15

This is a number the Texans should hope to avoid next season. Part of what undid the 2013 Texans was the 15 turnovers their offense had in the first halves of games last season, more than the total number of turnovers the defense forced all season. Turnovers take a major share of the blame for that 2-14 season.

These 11 interceptions and four fumbles can help explain why, even though the Texans' offense and defense were among the best in the league in yards gained and yards allowed, the scores of games didn't reflect that. Opponents scored 64 points off turnovers against Houston last season.

Turnovers, which can be incredibly deflating to the team that commits them, can help explain why nine of the Texans' 14 losses were by a touchdown or less (including seven games in a row).

They can be a sign of sloppiness, mental fatigue, bad luck or a combination of all three. And to change what happened last season, with a roster to which it shouldn't have happened, it's imperative the Texans clean up that part of their game.