RTC: 15,554 miles of travel for the Texans

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Drew Dougherty of HoustonTexans.com took a by the numbers look at the Texans' 2014 schedule. One fun nugget, the Texans will travel 15,554 miles during a regular season that includes road trips to New York and Oakland. Oakland, where they'll face former Texans Matt Schaub and Antonio Smith, is the Texans' longest road trip of 2014, 3,256 miles away from Houston.

Speaking of that Oakland trip, Texans' left tackle Duane Brown checked in with CSN Houston on what it will be like to play against Smith and Schaub.

The Houston Chronicle continues its position-by-position draft series with offensive linemen. This year's class of linemen starts with Auburn's Greg Robinson, Brian T. Smith writes. He says this year's class is more about depth than star power, whereas last year offensive tackles went first and second overall.

Andrew Brandt was an agent 15 years ago and he wrote a piece for TheMMQB.com about an agent's role in the pre-draft process. He writes: "The agent is the gateway between the player and the various rungs of NFL decision-makers who will determine the player's future. And although rookie contract negotiations are now largely predetermined by the new CBA, there are ways beyond the preset contract parameters for the agent to add value. Let's examine."