RTC: Manziel as compared to RG3

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

For about the past week, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle has tweeted his opinion that the Texans could draft Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney if they stayed at No. 1 and take Blake Bortles or Khalil Mack if they trade down. McClain wrote today that he believes if Manziel is still there when the Texans trade down, they'll take him. He also compared Manziel to former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III in some ways.

Speaking of Bortles, Peter King writes on TheMMQB.com that Minnesota is the best fit for Bortles. He does think the Texans and Browns would factor into the Vikings' ability to take Bortles. King makes this excellent point: "you can’t take a quarterback who matches an offensive coordinator in today’s day and age … because you have no idea how long any of them will be working where they are. Who’d have thought Turner would get whacked with the Cleveland coaching staff after just one season? So whoever likes Bortles, who doesn’t have the pedigree of a Johnny Manziel or even a Derek Carr, is going to have to like the player long-term and know that whoever coaches him in 2014 might not be the coach in 2016."

Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com checks in with A.J. Bouye, the Texans cornerback who went to UCF, about Bortles. (On second thought, maybe my headline in this Bortles-filled post should've been about Bortles.) Bouye always thought Bortles was special, but didn't necessarily think he was a first-round pick.