Countdown to the draft: 6 days

Less than a week! Less than a week!

Are you, too, going batty from the extra two weeks of draft lead-up?

Texans general manager Rick Smith admitted Thursday that while the extra time has helped since he has the first pick, he preferred the rhythm of the April draft.

Me too. All of us, too.

Anyway, our countdown continues, moving to six, a number which matches a stat that helps explain one of the Texans' biggest needs.

6: Yards per attempt against five or more pass-rushers for the Texans' quarterbacks in 2013.

Thanks to ESPN Stats & Information for this collection of stats. The Texans quarterbacks' 6 yards per attempt against five or more rushers ranked 30th in the league.

There are more damning stats against extra pressure. They completed 50 percent of their passes (ranking 30th in the league), only had a first-down rate of 30 percent (ranking last in the NFL), and their Total QBR against five or more rushers was 20.9 out of 100 (ranking last in the NFL again).

This was an aspect in which Case Keenum, who started eight games last season, really struggled. Keenum said repeatedly after games that he knew what he should have done, he just made the wrong decisions in the heat of the moment.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, whom the Texans signed in March, offers a bit of an improvement, but his 41.8 total QBR against five or more rushers since 2008 ranks 22nd in the league.