Countdown to the Draft: 5 days

Texans owner Bob McNair surfaced again, this time with Mark Berman of Houston's local FOX station. He reiterated some of the points we've heard from the Texans' general manager and head coach.

The Texans might trade down.

The Texans need a quarterback.

The Texans realize there isn't an Andrew Luck in this draft.

Thus, other positions are in play.

Won't it be nice to not talk about hypotheticals anymore? Five more days remain.

And so, we continue our countdown.

5: The round in which the Texans last drafted a quarterback

That quarterback was T.J. Yates, taken in the fifth round in 2011. He was essentially passed over after throwing a pick-six in relief of Matt Schaub last season. Then-Texans coach Gary Kubiak swapped Yates, who had been the backup all season, with Case Keenum, who had been inactive for the first six weeks of the season.

Yates has indicated he'd like more of a chance, and I think that's a reasonable request. Not sure it'll happen in Houston, though. He's expected to go to camp, along with Keenum and veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, whom the Texans signed in March. But all three of those guys know the Texans are drafting a quarterback.