RTC: Scenarios for the Texans' draft choice

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

It's still a little unclear what the Texans will do exactly with that first pick, but SI.com's Chris Burke takes a look at what might happen in five potential actions. The five are these: 1) the Texans take Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack; 2) the Texans take a quarterback; 3) the Texans draft an offensive tackle; 4) the Texans trade down and 5) the Texans take a wild-card pick like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is bringing a mental approach to the Texans, writes David Barron of the Houston Chronicle. Fitzpatrick also has a pretty great beard. Though he admits it's not as good as James Harden's... yet.

The Texans' first minicamp practice with head coach Bill O'Brien featured some changes from last season, writes Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com. “It was a good start,” said O’Brien who was hired away from Penn State this offseason. “We’ve had them for a little bit so the ability to take it from Phase 1 in the weight room to Phase 2, to the coaching sessions, then now to practice. So we’ve kind of built up to this. And I thought the guys, for the most part, it was a typical first practice but they handled things well.”

Patrick D. Starr of StateoftheTexans.com offers his thoughts after yesterday's minicamp practice.