O'Brien, Smith in constant communication

When the Houston Texans hired coach Bill O'Brien, one of the points of emphasis for owner Bob McNair was that O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith would be able to work together harmoniously and that roster building would work well for both parties.

That relationship is an important one to monitor, and O'Brien said Wednesday it's going well.

"It’s been a really enjoyable experience," O'Brien said. "We communicate well. We meet every day, probably twice a day. It’s been fun to be a part of that."

O'Brien's part in roster building started early in his time with the Texans.

"When we came in here we expressed to Rick’s crew and Rick the type of players we were looking for," O'Brien said. "A lot of them exist right here on this field today. They’re here. I think that was the main goal to say, 'Hey look, we’re playing a 3-4 on defense, this is the type of offense we want to play, these are the types of tight ends we want, the backs we want. That was the biggest line of communication that's taken place."

What's essentially the conclusion of that accumulation process comes now. What's left to add are draft picks, mostly, and the undrafted rookies who will try to push their way onto the roster.

Said O'Brien: "As long as everybody’s honest with each other, and we’re all working toward the same goal, which we are and which we have been, then any change that’s made, whether it’s from Rick’s end or Bob’s end or my end is always in the name of success and winning and what’s best for the Houston Texans."