Some names fit Clowney better than others

HOUSTON -- A wide smile broke across Jadeveon Clowney's face during his first press conference in Houston.

His new head coach, Bill O'Brien, called him JD while answering a question about him -- a nickname he'd offered during this long process. It's a nickname that prevents the chronic mispronunciation of his first name.

"I was surprised he called me that on camera," Clowney said. "...I guess he’s having trouble pronouncing Jadeveon. I said just call me JD, we’re going to keep it simple.

"And it’s quicker than like Jadeveon," Clowney said, stretching out his name as if calling it on a practice field.

The Texans newest pass-rusher, one who will play outside linebacker here in Houston, has been called all sorts of things besides his first name throughout his life. There JD, J, Clowney, seven (his number at South Carolina).

Just don't call him clown.

"Just don't call me clown," he said, getting mock serious.

During the pre-draft process, he was also called other things like unmotivated and lazy.

It's Clowney's quest to prove those labels wrong -- not that the Houston Texans believed them for a second.

"I'm going to come here and work," Clowney said. "I'm going to give these guys what they want out of me. That's a hard working guy."