Inside tense moments during the draft

NFL Films is producing a series that takes an inside look at the draft and several prospects.

One of those prospects was Jadeveon Clowney and so their latest episode of the series called "Pressure Points" spends quite a bit of time on the Texans' selection of Clowney first overall (click here to watch the video).

It's an interesting and a well-produced video of Clowney, as well as Eric Ebron and Aaron Murray. I caught wind of this episode when I saw a couple Jaguars fans tweeting about a moment in it that involved the Texans. The Jaguars feature prominently in this because they gave NFL Films quite a bit of access.

During the video you will see the Jaguars' nerves as the Texans tried to trade the first overall selection -- they were worried another team would jump ahead of them to take a quarterback. Blake Bortles in particular.

You will see a look of concern cross Jaguars' general manager Dave Caldwell's face as he gets the news that the Texans filled out two cards instead of just one as they waited to make that first overall pick. You will see him ask if "anyone" is on the phone as the Texans' time on the clock ticks down.

You will see Clowney getting nervous, waiting for his phone to ring. He told us last weekend that he wasn't sure the Texans were going to draft him until they called with about three minutes remaining in their time.

Then you will see that sweet scene when Clowney gets the call, the people at his table stand up and clap and he hugs them as he cries.

It's about 10 minutes long, but if you have the time it's worth it.