RTC: Driver understands Johnson's plight

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Retired former Packers receiver Donald Driver understands what's going through Andre Johnson's mind right now. But he also thinks Johnson will be back with the Texans, writes James Palmer of CSNHouston.com. “Andre is here,” Driver said. “He isn’t going anywhere. He’s made the team what it is and if you lose one of those guys, where are you going from there? You only go downhill. One of the things is, they don’t have any one to replace him at this point. He’s still one of the top receivers in the game so you got to give him credit.”

Corzo of BattleRedBlog.com takes a look at the Texans' salary-cap situations right now. He examines the cap numbers in terms of various situations both ongoing and upcoming. The Texans have the least cap space of any team in the AFC South at about $7.7 million.

Matt Schaub has put his Tanglewood home up for sale for $4.29 million, writes Neal J. Leitereg of the Los Angeles Times. Schaub was with the Houston Texans for seven seasons until being traded to the Raiders this offseason.

Texans coach Bill O'Brien says this is a crucial time for players, writes Deepi Sidhu of the team's official website. O'Brien doesn't want his players feeling like these next few weeks until training camp are a time for vacation and to let their bodies and minds forget what they've been working on since April.