Is Shane Lechler the punter of the week?

Not yet.

In an effort to give punters some respect, our Mark Simon from ESPN Stats and Info, along with his Punter Picking Committee, awards a punter of each week. Punting artist (or punting poet as J.J. Watt would tell it) Shane Lechler hasn't earned the title yet, but he's been honorably mentioned each week.

This week's winner was Thomas Morestead of the Saints. Morestead punted four times and each time the Buccaneers began their drives inside the 20. They started at the six, seven, 17 and 14. Two of the punts were downed and the other two combined for no return yardage.

Lechler received the second-most votes from the honorable PPC. The Texans' punter pinned the Titans at their own seven-yard line twice and stuck them at the one-yard line once. Two of his last three punts were longer than 50 yards and the third was the one that was downed at the one.