Clowney's return date still uncertain

Last we heard from Houston Texans' outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney, he said he was taking things day by day, improving each day from the sports hernia surgery he had in June.

Three days before he and the rest of the Texans' rookies have to report for training camp, that hasn't changed.

Clowney was in New York today for a sponsorship event, and did a few interviews in which he discussed his health. He told the Wall Street Journal and the Houston Chronicle he is rehabbing and leaving his participation in training camp up to the trainers. More from the Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark:

"Clowney is hoping not to sit out the first part of his training camp. He had sports hernia surgery this offseason and said he doesn’t know if he will be full speed when he reports to camp. And even if he’s full-speed physically, it may take a while for the dominant, lightning-fast Clowney of his college days to return. He has to learn the playbook first. He said the multiple plays which require players to “flip” sides of the field have been confusing. He’s learned, quickly, he said, that the NFL is not a major athletic step up in competition -- it’s an intellectual one. (Clowney said,) 'A lot of guys, it’s not as much athletic as it is they are just a lot smarter.'"

Texans training camp actually opens on the 25th, with practices beginning on the 26th, but rookies and injured players are to report on the 21st.

Clark's story also includes some of Clowney's thoughts on whether he should have sat out last season, and on some of the comments from his former coach Steve Spurrier. You can read the rest here.