Tuggle competing to be a starter

One of the most energetic players on the Houston Texans defense is linebacker Justin Tuggle. He jumps around, he waves his arms, he dances when the music is right. Tuggle loves being out there.

He's also a player who has impressed his coaches and is competing to start alongside Brian Cushing this season.

"He’s a good football player," Texans coach Bill O'Brien said. "I think he’s a very hard working guy. He came back in really good shape. He’s an instinctive guy. He’s a good team guy. ... Justin is a guy that we really enjoy coaching."

What makes Tuggle very intriguing is how short a time he's played defense. He made a smart switch to linebacker in college at Kansas State, rather than languish at quarterback behind Collin Klein. His potential for growth is tremendous because of that.

He's adapting now to calling defensive plays on the field.

"You have to put the pressure on yourself," Tuggle said. "The defense runs through you you know that if yo have to get everyone aligned you have to make the calls. If you don't, someone will be misaligned they might break one up the gap. So there's a lot of pressure you have to put on yourself to get everything ready."

He enjoys that. And his offensive past helps.

"I've seen a lot of sets when I played quarterback," Tuggle said. "I know a lot of schemes. I just try to mirror them now that I'm on defense, try to get a quicker read."