Kareem Jackson: $42,000 fine 'outrageous'

HOUSTON -- Houston Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson nearly slipped out of the locker room while reporters were occupied with defensive end J.J. Watt.

Once caught, Jackson gave his honest view on the $42,000 fine he's planning to appeal. The fine resulted from a hard hit on Titans receiver Kendall Wright.

"We’re supposed to be physical and try to knock the ball loose from the guy when they catch it in situations that you can," Jackson said. "So that’s what we get paid to do. Now you tell me you’re going to take my money for doing that? That’s my style of play. That’s how I play. I’m not trying to be a dirty player. That’s just how I play the game."

It's a frustrating exercise for Jackson, who still says he won't change how he plays. His fellow starting corner Johnathan Joseph supported that thought later to me. Joseph said he doesn't think the fines will change how defensive backs hit because they still have to play the game.

Some of Jackson's key quotes:

  • "That’s a huge number. That’s a huge number. It’s outrageous. I don’t know. Can’t do nothing but appeal it. It happened, so that’s all I can do. I’ll never understand a $42,000 fine for a hit. Never. Guy got up. He was okay. I’ll never understand that regardless of the situation or the hit. That’s how I feel about it."

  • Asked if it's hard to know what's legal now: "We don’t want to blow guys’ knees out and have them out for the rest of the season. If you go low on them you got guys saying it’s dirty plays and we’re trying to hurt people. I don’t understand. Blow a guy’s knee out or go high and he can get up and play the rest of the game, play the rest of the season. It’s hard, but we’re defensive players. We get paid to be physical out there. That’s our job."

  • Last week Jackson, who went to Alabama, said he might give a Crimson Tide T-shirt to coach Gary Kubiak, whose alma mater Texas A&M lost to Alabama this weekend. "I was but I gotta save my money now, man. $42,000 fine, so I’m going to save all the money I can. I can’t do any out of the ordinary things like buy everybody an Alabama T-shirt. I can’t do it. I gotta keep that money in my pocket."

  • "When I’m out there playing, I’m not thinking about no fine. I’m not. That’s my style of play. I pride myself on being physical. I want to let receivers know that I’m out there. I’m going to be out here on this corner. Every time you come out here, you’re going to feel it. That’s what I pride myself on. Games to come, this week, whatever. I’ll continue to be physical from here on out. Hopefully everybody will have their aim a little lower. But I’m going to continue to play how I play."