Chuck Pagano for DQ

Indianapolis Colts coach and cancer survivor Chuck Pagano was the recipient of an outpouring of support from Indianapolis and the league last year as he fought leukemia.

Since his recovery, he's giving it right back.

Yesterday, he wore a "Kelly Tough" t-shirt in honor of Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly, who is going through treatment.

Today's shirt? "Indianapolis for DQ"

It's a spinoff of the t-shirts the Texans are selling at their team store and online, donating a portion of the proceeds to aid lymphoma research. Theirs say, "Texans for DQ," and they're hoping to have as many fans as possible wearing the shirt to Thursday's practice. Pagano's shirt was also made by the same local clothing company, Running Game Clothing.

You can read more about Quessenberry's fight since being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins T Lymphoblastic lymphoma here.